Talent Management

Chrysler Building

At Riotto-Jones & Company, we offer this distinctive service to portfolio managers, relationship managers, new business developers, and financial advisors with revenue. We are proud to offer Talent Management, a service that is entirely unique to our company. Riotto-Jones & Company provides confidential and specific advice on career options to wealth managers. With our in-depth understanding of the industry and business delivery models, we can recommend potential career opportunities that are best suited to meet the needs of the individual. Riotto-Jones & Company acts as a mentor in preparation for our candidate’s career advancement. With discussion and honest perspective on our candidate’s strong suits and shortcomings, we can evaluate and handicap their book. This allows us to provide powerful insight into the firms most able to accommodate the needs of our candidate’s clients, and his or her own personal career goals. Based on a complete understanding of our candidate, we can ultimately recommend them and make confidential introductions to firms where the individual will fit seamlessly. Riotto-Jones & Company will also continue as an intermediary between the candidate and the agreed upon firm, guiding both parties through restrictions, covenants, and participating in negotiations.