New Business Developer (NY or NJ)

This is an opportunity to join a boutique firm that is and will continue to strive to provide excellent, unbiased service to clients. Everything is in place in this RIA to grow and thrive in this next stage of its development. It should be further noted that success in this role is crucial for the firm to meet its long-term objectives.

While the primary responsibility is to attract new clients and grow the revenue of the firm, there is an opportunity to expand the sales and marketing culture and greatly impact the company. For the right professional there is an ability to participate in the company’s overall growth.

The firm’s target client must have a minimum of $1 million ($2 million is preferred) in investable assets. It is the responsibility of the New Business Developer (NBD) to identify, target and sell to potential new clients that meet this criteria. Clients are then transferred to a Wealth Advisor who will handle the on-going relationship and be responsible for retaining and expanding the business. In addition, the NBD will help in the on-boarding process to ensure the relationship with new clients is secure.